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Author – David Pixley

Who knew this special “top-hat moment” would turn into a 2nd Generation Legend

    Chimney Cleaning Minneapolis
    By: Diana Herzan

From the time David was a small boy, he remembers hearing stories from his dad about chimney sweeping. He remembers carrying bricks and mortar up a ladder when he was small, and has always said, “He was born in a chimney.” Later in life, David Pixley would realize his own passion for chimney cleaning was more than sporting a top hat; it was a big part of who he is. David Pixley gave life to his own passion in 2001 when he started 2nd Generation Chimney’s, Inc., now the second largest local chimney cleaning and inspection company in the Twin Cities metro built on two generations of quality through integrity. Below, David Pixley provides his insights and addresses some frequently asked questions and concerns about fireplaces and their safety. (See actual customer reviews for 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc.)

Growing up around chimney cleaning all his life gave David Pixley a special and unique knowledge and understanding of the trade, clearly an advantage like nothing else could have. By default, he gained first-hand experience by being able to learn from the best in the industry! As you would expect, 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. assists local residential and commercial customers with their chimney cleaning, inspection and repair needs with safety as their first priority. 2nd Generation Chimneys leads the industry with the highest standards of professionalism and continues to raise the bars in each of their trade areas. State of the art technology is used to provide their exceptional services. As you would guess, as well, their technicians are CSIA and CCP Certified. Also, being a privately owned company, David Pixley is able to ensure quality and satisfaction to all of his customers starting with his friendly office staff and including his experienced field technicians. Did you know that 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. is the only Certified Chimney Reliner in Minnesota? Learn more. See video – learn why hiring a CSIA Certified Sweep is important!

With the onset of fall around the corner triggering many homeowners to think about their own chimneys, and what they need to do to ensure their safe use over the winter, I thought it would be good timing to get answers to some questions homeowners typically have about this subject from someone whose answers we can trust. David Pixley was a clear choice.

The most obvious question of “why clean your chimney?” sparked the most obvious answer which is “safety.” Most of the problems found with chimneys are in places you wouldn’t normally see. Let’s face it, how often are you poking your head up your chimney? Even if you did, the chances you would see what you needed to see are slim. That is why 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. technicians actually use police issued flashlights that are stronger, almost like a car headlight, as well as video inspections, if needed as well, in order to assess the actual condition of a chimney. The stories David Pixley told me confirmed how frequently damage is found in chimneys, damage that would go sight unseen until it caused greater problems, including house fires. David says the “sad truth is that people don’t really think about their fireplaces,” “that is until something pretty bad happens. Then it becomes a wakeup call.”

How often should you have your fireplace cleaned? David Pixley recommends fireplaces with heavier use should be cleaned every year, “absolutely!” Heavier usage can be defined as three to five times per week during the winter months. Fireplaces with more minor usage should be able to be cleaned safely every five years.

Can a homeowner prevent big repairs to their chimneys down the road? It is definitely possible, but all depends, of course, on the current condition on your chimney. “A small maintenance plan will either help you stay clean or help you get back to par or to a ‘brand new’ state.” Doing nothing will almost guarantee to end up with problems, some likely expensive, down the road. A smart step to take is to contact 2nd Generation Chimney’s, Inc. if you are unsure of your chimney’s status. Their CSIA certified technicians will visit your home or business and will ultimately let you know exactly what you need to do and nothing more. 612-922-9600.

If you have contacted other chimney cleaning companies and have received a lower price quote for chimney cleaning or inspection, how should you decide which company to go with? David Pixley says that “2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. will likely not be the least expensive service but reminds consumers you get what you pay for.” He also cautions homeowners to inquire with each company as to “exactly what they will be doing.” In his experience, he has seen that “companies that charge less are typically doing less. “ “Some companies might skip something to save a buck.” He simply cautions the consumer to be wary and to make sure you are comparing apples to apples.

Certified versus non-certified. These terms are meant to be taken seriously. If you are considering having a chimney cleaning company come out to your home or business that does not have CSIA Certified technicians, you might want to think twice. David Pixley clarified for me that the term “certified” applies to individuals, not to companies. If you come across a company that tells you “their company is certified,” understand that cannot be. Being certified refers to being CSIA certified, and each of 2nd Generation Chimney’s technicians must achieve this status individually. Yes, it does require studying and test taking, plus updating the certification every three years by either re-taking the test or by taking 48 of continuing education credits. The reason is simple. Safety. CSIA certified technicians always meet the Chimney Safety Institute of America’s standards when performing any inspection. Would you want any other standards applied to your safety? When 2nd Generation Chimneys sends their technicians to your home or business, they will arrive wearing badges and photo ID’s indicating they are CSIA Certified.

Is there a better time of year to have your chimney cleaned? If you are having your chimney cleaned or inspected, that decision, alone makes it a good time of year! David Pixley says that fall is traditionally a busier time of year because winter is around the corner. It is always a good time to ensure your safety. Spring is a good time of year for pricing. It isn’t uncommon to see special pricing or coupons for chimney cleaning in the spring or summer. If you haven’t had your chimneys cleaned or inspected and winter is drawing near, remembering safety first is the rule. Be well prepared for your winter fireplace usage and make sure you will be using a safe fireplace.

As winter does draw near, the suggestion of making sure your chimneys and fireplaces are safe to use is a good one. I appreciate David Pixley’s sharing his expertise with me. I hope it serves as a smart reminder of the importance of ensuring a safe fireplace before something serious happens. 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. is a great choice; one you can trust and count on to perform the right checks with the right expertise and equipment. Contact them at 612-922-9600. Ensure your fireplace’s safety today.

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Contact Information:
2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc.
12527 Central Ave. NE, Suite 125
Minneapolis, MN 55434

Diana Herzan, Minneapolis Customer Reviews Examiner

Diana Herzan is a homeowner and savvy shopper. She knows the value reliable Product and Customer Reviews have in helping to establish trust or not in products or companies she would consider doing business with. Also a business owner, Diana has experienced the reverse side of Customer Reviews.

~ David Pixley

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