Best Time For Chimney Repairs

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Author –  Dave Hannah

Homeowners frequently learn from their chimney professional that their chimney needs some repair. 

Then they are told that the fall and winter months are not suitable for some of these repairs and they should have this work done in the summer when the weather is better.  There are several good reasons for homeowners to act right now to get those chimney services performed before the good weather goes away!

Masonry chimneys deteriorate with water damage, wind, poor construction and lack of maintenance. The best masonry repairs are made during warmer weather that will permit the materials to cure properly. 

The chimney service industry recommends this seasonal maintenance so the public receives the highest quality service. 

Other types of service that should be considered in warm weather are those relating to water problems.  Often chimneys that are porous absorb moisture and go through a freeze thaw cycle of winter and are damaged. 

Homeowners see symptoms such as leaks around the chimney, the ceiling and in the attic.  There are many aspects to correcting water problems but all of them should be done in summer for best results. 

Consider a roof leak.  Your roof may be damaged and leaking.  Often the water enters the roof several feet away from the chimney and then collects at the point where the chimney meets the roofing material and appears to be a chimney leak. 

Obviously in this case a roof repair is the best solution.  However, homeowners who are considering having a new roof should know that most roofing contractors recommend summer for this repair. 

Roofing contractors also prefer the homeowner have all those other repairs to the chimney done first, so when their new roof is put on, there will be less traffic to potentially damage the new roof.

Building, repairing, and extending masonry chimneys can be scheduled in the summer, when the chimney sweep is more likely to allow the needed time for this type of repair. 

Once the masonry is cured, waterproofing that will protect that new masonry for years can be applied in warm weather. 

Other repairs to chimneys may include replacing flashing, building chimney crickets and crown repair.  All of these services require warm weather for best results. 

Major chimney repairs such as complete rebuilding of the chimney, chimney relining and installation of a manufactured chimney system, require more time and good weather. 

Avoid the challenge of getting this type of service delayed by calling right now to schedule your appointment.

Your annual chimney inspection in warm weather will also be an advantage for you as a homeowner.

Often the service technician will offer summer reduced rates and, if there are needed repairs, they can be performed right away before the colder weather sets in and your chimney may further deteriorate. 

The warm weather will offer the homeowner many options to keep their home safe from fire hazards, carbon monoxide hazard and from the risk of nesting animals. 

Your chimney professional can prevent all these serious hazards by the inspection of  your chimney and recommending a solution that can be immediately implemented. 

Act now, while the temperature is warm. Remember to have your chimney service appointment performed by a Certified Chimney Sweep.  You will find these qualified professionals for your zip code at

Our warm weather seasons come slowly and seem to go away fast!  The best time for chimney service is right now in the summer.  This year prepare by getting your chimney squared away early.  Order your wood supply and stack and cover it.  Prepare now for the cold weather because our summers seem to get shorter and shorter!

~ Dave Hannah

Best Time For Chimney Repairs  is reprinted with permission from

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