Chimney Repair – Storm Damage

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Author – Marge Padgitt

Have your masonry or manufactured chimney inspected by a professional chimney sweep after storm damage by tornado, lightning, hail, microburst, hurricane, or high wind. 

Signs of storm damage to a masonry chimney may include brick pieces or full bricks lying on the ground or on the roof, fresh cracks in the chimney, or blown out sections of the chimney.  Lighting usually strikes chimneys at the top and travels down, then exits at some point which can be found in the exterior or interior.

There can be massive interior damage by a lightning strike that is not visible from the exterior.  Hail damage usually results in brick or stone face damage and damage to chimney covers.  In the case of a microburst or tornado the chimney can actually be lifted up and moved to another location inches away. If this happens, the chimney needs to be torn down and rebuilt.

Manufactured chimneys and fireplaces should be inspected after a storm for blown out sections, damage to the cover, metal chase top, wood chase, metal chimney, and fireplace. 

Metal chimneys can become warped, buckled, or detached after a lighting strike or high winds.

~ Marge Padgitt


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