Hiring a Chimney Sweep

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Hiring a chimney sweep, or someone who is frequently called a chimney professional in different parts of the country, is something that you should spend some time considering.

Hiring a chimney sweep

In checking your chimney, a chimney professional can check all of the visible components of the chimney for damage, needed maintenance, and fire safety. A chimney professional is trained to look for dangerous or questionable conditions that a homeowner could easily miss. The experience he/she brings to the process of checking the chimney is well worth the modest cost. This is a major reason for hiring a chimney sweep.

So what should you look for in choosing a chimney professional? Here are some specific things to consider before you hire someone. And please read Questions to Ask a Chimney Sweep before hiring.

In many areas there are few requirements (or none at all) for becoming a chimney professional. So the homeowner must be careful to pick a good, legitimate company. Additional considerations to find a good chimney sweep

There are many good, reputable companies that offer chimney services. A little bit of homework will help you pick one

Hiring a Chimney Sweep: a checklist

  • Training/Certification
  • Explanation of Services
  • Charges
  • Insurance
  • References

Chimney sweep training or certification


Ask what training the chimney professional has. How long has the company been in business? Some national organizations offer certification programs. So ask if the chimney professional is certified. And by whom? Call that organization and check when you are hiring a chimney sweep. 

Certification isn’t a guarantee of great service ­ and an un-certified chimney professional might be perfectly legitimate; but, certification is a measure of the training the chimney professional has received, and something you can verify by calling the certifying agency. Fly-by-night companies aren’t likely to go to the expense and effort of becoming certified. This is a good first step when hiring a chimney sweep.

Explanation of chimney sweep services


Make sure you know up front exactly what services the chimney professional offers. And don’t hesitate to ask questions regarding your particular concerns about your chimney. 

Ask about chimney sweep charges


Ask what the charges will be. Sometimes it is hard for a chimney professional to give you an exact quote, since every chimney is different. But most companies will have standard rates for checking the chimney, cleaning standard flues, and other basic services. 

Does your chimney sweep have Insurance


For your own protection, when hiring any contractor, whether it is a chimney professional or anyone else, you should ask about insurance. Liability coverage is a must. Remember, the safety of your home is at stake. And what if the contractor is injured on your property? Is this covered? 

Ask your chimney sweep for references


Ask for references! Call at least a couple of other homeowners who have hired this company, and see what they think. Did the contractor explain things to the homeowner’s satisfaction? Did they do what they said they would do? Did they clean up afterwards? Were they punctual? Most people are happy to tell you about their experiences ­ good or bad ­ with contractors that they have hired. 

Once you have found a good, reliable company, schedule a date to have your chimney checked, and ask to be put on the schedule for annual visits after that.

~ Todd Woofenden

~ Asking for Chimney Information ~

After reading an article, you can ask a question about that article. Replies will come from Chimney Professionals, and sometimes from homeowners, who are giving their answer based on the information you provide. Remember that they are providing answers SIGHT and SITE unseen! 

CHIMNEYS.COM recommends that you use these comments to better inform yourself to discuss your chimney and venting issues with a professional whom you call to your home to evaluate the issue.

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