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Author – David Hannah

William Shakespeare wrote in The Merchant of Venice, What sayeth the Rialto. The Rialto was a bridge over a canal in Venice, Italy where people would gather in a market center to listen as the news crier presents the latest news of the day. A common greeting between people would be; what sayeth the Rialto; what’s going on in the news?

Since the early days of our chimney sweeping trade, sweeping guilds have
been one of the best and most reliable sources for what’ going on in our
industry. Even with social media like face book now trending popular,
our chimney sweep organizations are still the best reliable source of new
innovations and trade related news.

I have been told by some in our industry, chimney sweep guilds are no
longer needed because of the Internet. These same people advised me that
my Magazine For Blue Collar Entrepreneurs will not be needed because
today printed magazines are a thing of the past.

The National Chimney Sweep Guild this year celebrated its 40th
anniversary since its founding in 1977. Our own Massachusetts Chimney
Sweep Guild, founded in 1980 turned 37 years old. Both of these
organization and the many state and regional chimney service trade
organizations are alive and prospering. Each provides industry news,
educational venues and a place for our trade professionals to share their
stories and their knowledge.

Our quarterly publication of the MCSG Magazine will turn 3 at the end of
this year and has seen a major growth in content and subscriptions from
New England states and across our nation. The need for quality news of
our industry has not diminished. While the Internet has many advantages
of speed and availability, the world has learned that if you heard it on the
Internet, it surely must be true! Fake News is the most common virus to
catch these days!

Joining your state, regional and National Guild is still the most reliable form of gaining knowledge from your peers in our trade. Your membership dues support many important projects to improve technology, training availability and provide a Rialto for our professionals to grow their knowledge and maintain their relationships with the leaders in our industry. It is clear to me; your best investment in your chimney service company is guild membership and trade industry magazine subscriptions. Join your guild and subscribe to those trade magazines which provide you the best trade content for your business.

by David Hannah

Should I Join A State, Regional and National Guild   is reprinted with permission from

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