Types of Chimney

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Author – Todd Woofenden

This is a brief introduction to some of the various types of chimney.

Masonry Type of Chimney:


Types of Chimney - chimneys.comWhat we usually picture when we think about chimneys is a masonry chimney: one constructed of brick, concrete blocks, or stone. But current building technology includes another major category, the factory-built chimney.

Factory-Built Type of Chimney:

Types of chimney - chimneys.comBuilders and remodelers can now choose from a wide variety of types of chimney constructed of metal and other materials. These chimneys are manufactured in a factory and assembled at the site. Among the more popular types of factory-built chimneys are:

  • Double-wall, mass-insulated chimneys: Two layers of metal, generally stainless steel, with an insulative material between the layers of metal. Picture a pipe inside a larger pipe, with the space between the two packed with insulation.
  • Air-cooled chimneys: Two or more layers of metal with air in between, constructed so that the air circulates between the layers, dissipating the heat.
  • Air-insulated chimneys: Similar to the air-cooled design, except it is constructed for minimal movement of air between the layers, so the air acts as an insulator instead of drawing heat away.
  • Combinations: Chimneys which incorporate a combination of mass-insulation, air-cooling and/or air insulating designs.
~ Todd Woofenden

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