Pumped Masonry Versus Stainless Steel Liners

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Pumped Masonry

Stainless Steel

  1. Is centered in the flue to assure complete coverage throughout the chimney.
  2. Provides structural strength to deteriorated or cracked casings,
    fills open joints, seals crumbling mortar.
  3. Golden flue installers line fireplace smoke chambers,
    protecting the flue for its entire length.
  4. Masonry liners experience minimal expansion and contraction
    from flue heat.
  5. Golden Flue masonry liners have been tested by Underwriter’s Laboratories and Warnock Hershey to withstand temperatures in excess of 2100 degrees.
  6. Pumped masonry vs Stainless Steel Liners - CHIMNEYS.COMGolden Flue is the only lining system tested and approved for
    safety after multiple chimney fires.
  7. Pumped masonry is certified for use with all fuels:
    oil, gas, wood, coal.
  1. Is very difficult to center in the flue, resulting in areas with little or no insulating protection.
  2. Provides no significant structural strength to the casing.
  3. Stainless steel liners do not extend into the smoke chamber; often do not directly connect to the stove.
  4. Stainless steel expands and contracts dramatically, often stressing casing and tearing insulation.
  5. Stainless steel, subjected to the heat of a chimney fire, loses its “stainless” properties, opening the door to rust and corrosion.
  6. Building code requires that any metal components in a chimney be inspected after a fire for possible replacement.
  7. Different grades of stainless steel and aluminum must be used for different fuels. A future change in fuel may require a relining.

Bruce Hoover
Installer of Golden Flue chimney liners

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