Spring Chimney Sweep

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Author – Chad Murray

A spring chimney sweep is the very best time to have your fireplace and chimney serviced.

Why should I get a chimney sweep in the spring? I’m not using my fireplace right now. I don’t want to spend any money on my fireplace right now, spring is here and summers comming. My fireplace worked great this past winter, so why have it looked at?

The answer to these questions are found in the following statements which  I have heard in March and April. 

  • water has started pouring into the fireplace
  • an animal has invaded the chimney (alive or dead)
  • damp, smokey-smell emanates from the fireplace

Spring is the perfect time of the year to have your fireplace and chimney inspected and serviced. Why?

  1. Clean out all that soot and ash that causes allergies
    Soot that sits in a chimney flue gets damp and smelly over time
  2. Chimney Sweeps are slowing down from the fall and winter season and usually offer higher discounts
  3. Chimney Sweeps are more available now. During the fall 
  4. and winter chimney sweeps are booked ahead to a month or so. In the springtime their schedule is typically not so busy
  5. Any deterioration that occurred during the burning season can be found and repaired
  6. Chimney cap present and ready to keep out decaying moisture and any critters wanting to take up residence in the chimney
  7. Waterproofing is still working or needs to be applied
  8. Check the flashing for rust or loose pieces

Chad Murray, Certified Chimney Professional, says a chimney sweep in the spring is really the best time to service the fireplace and chimney. You the homeowner don’t have to wait in the fall for an appointment. The fireplace is ready to use in the fall. Any repairs are completed and no waistful money was spent due to neglect.

~ Chad Murray

~ Asking for Chimney Information ~

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CHIMNEYS.COM recommends that you use these comments to better inform yourself to discuss your chimney and venting issues with a professional whom you call to your home to evaluate the issue.

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